Creating an Urban Farm

Over the past two month I’ve been settling into my new role building back yard urban farms. Working directly with people in Seattle, I help set up and get their edible gardens running. The  work includes, but is not limited to, clearing unusable sod, soil, trees and brush and replacing those things with raised beds and edible annual and perennial vegetation.

As the weather gets warmer here the work load increases and the amazing spring bounty of sprouts, blossoms and raised beds starts to take shape. Here are a few pictures from some of the projects I’ve been a part of so far this spring.



Three and a half custom raised beds made using Juniper timber.


Raised Juniper beds with stepping stone access. Just missing irrigation and annuals.

SUFCO Landscape

The final product (minus plants). Perennials on the left, annuals on the right.

By using Juniper timbers we’re able to contribute to environmental preservation in Eastern Oregon where the species is considered invasive and overtaking native grass and shrub lands. In addition, Juniper timber contains natural aromatic oils that preserve the wood for around five decades without using chemicals such as those found in pressure treated lumber. (Oregon State University)


Nearing completion of a thirty foot high tunnel just outside of Seattle. Not a typical project, but a welcome change of pace and fun to build.


Interior of high tunnel


Completed exterior of the thirty foot high tunnel with custom cedar framed ends.


Cedar raised beds with seating and quarter inch drip irrigation.

IMG_1822This one’s for mom since I’m in it.


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