Week 34: The Final Full Week

Sorry, no pictures this week. I’ll probably come back through like I did last week and update this post with pictures. It’s just getting dark so early now, it’s hard to go back out after dinner and get pictures.

8/22, Monday

Final full week. Today we cleaned out all but the cherry tomatoes in the tomato house and hoed around the edges to prepare it for tilling. Then, in the afternoon we loaded up eighty or so Giant Sequoia trees and spent the rest of the day planting them all over the property. There are still around thirty left to plant.


8/23, Tuesday

This morning was drier so we planted the rest of the Sequoias. When we finished there was a co-op order to harvest and wash. With a little time left before lunch we cleaned more shallots. In the afternoon we did some clean up in the greenhouse and around the shop. Just before the end of the day, the rain let up and we finally attached the door on the new greenhouse.


8/24, Wednesday

Cecelia had some things to do in town today so we decided to add a recycling and trash run to her list. And that’s how we spent most of the morning, cleaning up around the place and emptying trashcans. Once she was all loaded up, we worked on the greenhouse for the rest of the day. We got the door put on the other end and finished putting all the plastic up too. All that’s left is trimming the excess plastic and a few minor adjustments on the doors.


8/25, Thursday

Today we harvested everything that we could from the field because we’re expecting rain for the next ten days. In the morning we did the last co-op harvest of lettuce and tomorrow will be the last market lettuce harvest. It’s really over.


8/26, Friday

This morning we harvested the lettuce and finished harvesting things like chard and arugula from the hoop houses, and refilled bulk items like beets and potatoes. After harvesting the remaining cherry tomatoes and topping off the pumpkin wagon, we had enough time left in the day to finish off the new greenhouse doors and clean-up. All that’s left on the greenhouse is trimming excess plastic and getting the cover crop planted.


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