Week 33 From the Farm

One and a half weeks left!

8/25: Updated with some pictures.

8/15, Monday

Today we had sunshine in the morning and picked-up and put away all of the irrigation lines. Then we went to work on clearing out three of the hoop houses. We took out all of the basil and tilled under the buckwheat in the other houses. The next step is to plant the winter cover crop, which is an Austrian Snow Peas and Winter Rye mixture. While I tilled in the houses everyone else braved the rain to continue work on the new greenhouse.

8/16, Tuesday

We did a lot of harvesting today and didn’t leave much for tomorrow. We also did a little more work on the greenhouse, getting up the end supports and we used the broadcast seeder to plant cover crop in the hoop houses I tilled yesterday.

8/17, Wednesday

Steve finished a small amount of harvesting this morning while we harvested tomatoes. Then we refilled the pumpkin wagon and loaded the van for the last Wednesday market of the season! While they were gone we spent the rest of the day working on the new greenhouse. We wrapped plastic around the pressure treated wood used on the sides of the house. Apparently there are chemicals used in the wood that when it comes in contact with the greenhouse plastic will cause it to turn black and keep some light from coming through. Then we lined the base and ends with channel that will hold the plastic in place.

8/18, Thursday

We had another break from the rain today, so we finished putting channel on the sides and got the plastic put up on the new greenhouse. We started installing the doors and almost finished, but stopped because it was getting late. I’m sure we’ll get it finished next week.

8/19, Friday

We harvested this morning, beets, fennel, carrots, chard, arugula, leeks, kale, cauliflower and broccoli. In the afternoon we finished washing some of the things we harvested in the morning and then we got the lettuce.


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