Week 29 and 30

I missed getting to the Internet last week, so here are the last two weeks.

Week 1

9/17, Monday

Today we cleaned and harvested a lot of shallots. We set-up drying tables to cure onions and more shallots and throughout the day we set-up and moved irrigation lines.


9/18, Tuesday

We got started a little earlier today to harvest. Kale and collards came out first, and then beets and a few other greens. After that we cleaned lettuce for the co-op delivery, got carrots, set-up for the market lettuce harvest and then stopped for lunch. After lunch we did the lettuce harvest and then went out to pick beans for the rest of the day.


9/19, Wednesday

Super slow week this week. Harvesting is winding down and we’ve only started a little clean-up and tare down for the end of the season. Today we got the harvesting finished for the market and did some irrigation. It hasn’t rained here in like four months and there is no rain in the foreseeable future. It’s crazy. There was almost too much rain to start with and now we’re bummed and worried that it’s not going to come.


9/20, Thursday

We did a fare amount of harvesting today for Saturday, mostly the things that keep well like carrots, squash and cucumbers. We also did a little bit of weeding in the tomato house, which was getting a little out of control. And we finished off the day weeding and trimming that WSU experimental squash plot. It looks like the standard practice that most farmer’s use is going to be the most productive this year. The others have some fruit but nothing to speak of and some of them have little to none.
9/21, Friday

Harvest harvest harvest!


Week 2

9/24, Monday

Today we did work in the starter house pulling out weeds, trimming plants and bushes and getting rid of dead or empty pots. In the afternoon we harvested one of the last rounds of summer squash and beans. After the beans we got our first full harvest of winter squash. Winter squash is fun because they’re really big, usually unusual and colorful. We finished the day doing some work with our honey bees. We added a super to the hive that we captured earlier in the spring and we replaced three frames in another hive so we could extract and keep some honey for us. I was in one of the suits and helping with frames. One bee got up my sleeve somehow and I got my first bee sting ever. It wasn’t as bad as I imagined. There were pictures being taken and I’ll get those as soon as I can. They weren’t taken with my camera.


9/25, Tuesday

This morning we got some greens and carrots out of the field and into the cooler. Then, before lunch, we did the co-op lettuce harvest and I refilled up the potato crates. After lunch we harvested the lettuce for the market tomorrow. After the lettuce we did another harvest of winter squash and that was it for the day.


9/26, Wednesday

Today we finished the harvest for today’s market. All that was left was corn and tomatoes. Then we spent a good amount of the morning cleaning shallots. In the afternoon we set-up irrigation lines for hopefully the last time, put some elderberry trees in pots, marked the space where the new greenhouse will go, and put away the shade cloths.

The elderberry trees were growing in the bottom of an old silo, so we wanted to save them before we poured concrete in the silo. This is a second silo on the property (the other one was turned into living quarters) and we’re going to start the process of turning it into an observatory building.

The new greenhouse should be here on Monday and I’ll be sure to get pictures.


9/27, Thursday

This morning was a co-op harvest and when we finished getting the lettuce we set out some irrigation lines. Still no rain. After that we took a tour of the apple orchard and decided which apples were ready to harvest. We picked lots of apples from five or six different varieties. We don’t sell fruit at the markets but they’re good for eating and making cider here on the farm. When we finished that and after lunch we started the new silo project. It took the rest of the afternoon, but the whole base of the silo is filled in with rocks. The next step is to pour a layer of concrete over the rocks.


9/28, Friday

Today was just a big harvest day. We did everything in one day, which mean we’re getting closer and closer to the end of the season.


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