Week 28! From the Farm.

Twenty eight weeks. That sounds like a long time. I guess it is a long time, but it’s flown by. I’m still not exactly sure what I’m going to do when the next month and a half ends, but I’m optimistic and not getting discouraged when I get a “position has already been filled” message. It’s a great time to feel good about the fact that anything could happen. Anyway, here is this weeks news brief. Sorry for the shortage of pictures. I’m working on it.

9/10, Monday

We did our second to last lettuce planting this morning and then went to Kirsop farm for a walk. They have a great operation, not much bigger than ours. They have been slowly expanding though, and this year they started selling chickens, turkey and growing mushrooms. It’s always cool to see different farms and how they do things.

9/11, Tuesday

We had our usual co-op lettuce and basil order this morning, followed by a little squash and cucumbers harvest for the Wednesday market. I was at the washing station for most of the day. In the afternoon we did the market lettuce harvest and got some mixed colored carrots, regular carrots and beans.

9/12, Wednesday

Today I went to the market! This morning we did some last minute harvesting and got packed up early so we could get there early. There’s a lot of stuff to get set up and I don’t go often enough to be really fast. At the market, kids were doing zucchini car races, the weather was perfect and we had really good sales. It’s just so busy at the markets that I never have time to take pictures. Hopefully I’ll get to a market on Saturday when I’m not working so I can get a few shots.

9/13, Thursday

We had a lot of help today with four other interns from a farm in Auburn, WA. They just wanted to see another operation and learn a little more about farming. The extra help got things done a lot faster and we’re almost completely caught up on harvesting for Saturday. At the end of the day we tilled some ground in a hoop house and planted a late final round of lettuce. The rest of this season’s lettuce should be in the ground by Monday.

9/14, Friday

Today we got started an hour earlier and finished harvesting for Saturday. All of the green leaf veggies come out of the field first because they stay crisp if they’re picked when it’s still chilly out; so, kale, collards, beets, dill, cabbage, broccoli. And then we got into corn and a few mustards in the hoop houses. The corn is amazing. We have two kinds of sweet corn, a bi-color and white. The white corn is so sweet, juicy and creamy tasting, I can’t imagine eating another kind of regular store bought corn again. I don’t know what I’m going to do. We finished the day harvesting lettuce and took off early.


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