Week #26 From the Farm

8/27, Monday

No lettuce seeding today! I can’t believe it’s already over. We have just a few weeks left of transplanting and then it’s just harvesting and cleaning up until October when everything finishes coming out of the field. After transplanting we got to work harvesting squash, cucumbers, and beans.


8/28, Tuesday

We started out harvesting leafy greens that like being picked in the morning and chilling overnight so they don’t wilt on the market table. Then we took care of a co-op lettuce order and the lettuce for tomorrow’s market. But before getting too much of the harvest in, we cleaned out the cooler and separated things out for our use, the food bank and for the upcoming markets. Later in the day we harvested beans and tomatoes before finishing the day weeding in the hoop houses.


8/29, Wednesday

There was just a little left to harvest this morning, and then we got the van loaded for the market. For the rest of the day we knocked out weeds and I used a tiller to prepare ground in three of the hoop houses to buckwheat and eventually the fall lettuce transplants. As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter it extends the season to put them under cover.


8/30, Thursday

This morning I went into the greenhouse and the power was out. It has been going out occasionally and we usually just  reset the breaker, but today it wouldn’t stop shorting out, so we traced the short back to a hot water pump that needs to be replaced. Fortunately we don’t need the hot water for the rest of this season. After that we unloaded the van from yesterday’s market and set-up for a co-op lettuce harvest. We finished the harvest and then took the drill seeder to the field and in two of the hoop houses to plant more of the buckwheat cover crop. I didn’t get a picture of us, but it was cool. We stood on the back of the drill as it was planting the seed and added seed when it got low.

Just before lunch we thinned apples from the apple trees. We didn’t spend much time on it earlier and now there are too many apples on the branches, so we’re trying to keep the limbs from breaking.


8/31, Friday

August is over! Crazy. The usual Friday stuff happened today, lots of harvesting and more weeding. This weekend I’m going to Bumbershoot, Seattle’s big arts and music festival, no market for me.

As the season starts to wind down, I’ve been on the hunt for my next source of income and I’ve started thinking about how I could continue this blog or start another one. For now I have a couple of months to figure out both, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated and I hope I can continue sharing interesting things about this crazy adventure I’m on.


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