Week 25 From the Farm

8/20, Monday

Today we cut the lettuce seeding in half and got all the transplanting done before lunch. In the afternoon I helped harvest some pickling cucumbers and then we watched Steve use the potato harvester. Earlier we did the harvesting by hand with a spading fork to get new potatoes. Now we’re killing the plants and letting the potatoes harden off in the ground and coming through a week or so later with an implement that goes behind the tractor. New potatoes come straight out of the ground and go to the market. Their skin is very delicate and bruises easily. When we kill the plant and let it sit for a little while the potatoes dry up a little and the skin hardens so doesn’t bruise.

After the potatoes we worked a little more on the roof. We’re halfway to completion.


8/21, Tuesday

This morning we harvested lettuce and basil for the co-op run and then cleaned out the cooler to make room for the fresh stuff. Lots of the unsold things go to the food bank, we keep some of it for our meals and the rest of the older things go to the compost. Everyone went out to the field to harvest things that look better on the market table if they’re chilled overnight and I stayed in to wash with Cecelia. After lunch we did the market lettuce harvest and then went out to prune and tie-up tomato plants that we planted outside. The outdoor tomato plants were not expected to do very well because of the weather, but they’re actually producing lots of tomatoes. After that we moved the hen house so they could have some fresh grass and then harvested fennel and turnips.


8/22, Wednesday

We did more harvesting this morning for today’s market, with dill seed, scallions, chard, Walla Walla* onions and arugula. Steve and Cecelia went to the market today and we stayed here watering, weeding and thinning. Steve started planting cover crop in parts of the field that we aren’t using anymore this season so we let the water go almost all day over those sections. We cleaned out a neglected hoop house of weeds to uncover some slightly over ripe arugula, but at least we have arugula. They must have used arugula in a dish on the Food Network or something; people can’t seem to get enough.

*They’re technically not Walla Walla’s because Walla Walla’s have to be grown in Walla Walla, WA, but they’re the same thing.


8/23, Thursday

We harvested lettuce for the co-op this morning and then finished some weeding and moved irrigation lines. In the afternoon we did a little harvesting for Saturday and Steve and I did some more work on the roof.

I got my first ripe melon today too! It’s a Prescott Fond Blanc melon and it tastes just like cantaloupe.


8/24, Friday

Today was the big harvest day. It takes all day to get everything in on Friday’s now. We almost had to add an extension to the van it was packed so tight.


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