Another catch-up: Week 23/24

8/6, Monday

Today we got started on the lettuce and tomorrow we’re going to do another round of seeding tomorrow. They want to start doubling transplants as we come to the last part of the growing season because the days will get shorter and cool before we’re finished with markets. In the afternoon we transplanted this weeks lettuce and harvested squash, cucumbers and beans.


8/7, Tuesday

Tuesday harvest and co-op delivery day. Two did the second round of lettuce seeding and the rest of us went to the hoop houses to start the harvest. I was apart of the basil bunching crew. We made 48 bunches of basil for the co-op delivery and then came back in to pack them up and wash lettuce. After the lettuce, we went out to the hoop houses again and got all kinds of goods, and I got some pictures this time of the washing tables. From the hoop houses came basil, chard, golden frills, golden streaks, ruby streaks (mustards), prize choy, tat soi, Chinese cabbage and spinach. In the afternoon we went out to the field and got carrots, potatoes, fennel, three kinds of beets, kale, collards, turnips and coriander. And I finally got some pictures of the bounty. Tomorrow all we have left to harvest is dill and scallions.


8/8, Wednesday

We harvested the last of what they’re taking to market this morning, dill, scallions and parsley. Then we lubed and loaded up a grain seeder with buckwheat that we’re using for cover crop in next years production field. Then we got everything loaded into the van and they took off for the market. The rest of the day we watched Steve plant the buckwheat and weeded in the field.


This is my last day on the farm this week. I’m going to a good friends wedding in New Hampshire and I’ll be back on Tuesday next week.


Week 2

8/14, Tuesday

I can’t believe this month is half over already. I missed out on some things at the end of last week and over the weekend, but not too much mostly more harvesting. Today was mostly harvesting. This morning we did the co-op lettuce and basil, all of the greens for the Wednesday market and almost all of the lettuce for the market. We finished the market lettuce after lunch and then started a new project putting a new roof on the old farmhouse where I’m staying. We spent a lot of time getting set-up because the roof is so steep. First we put together some scaffolding and then positioned several latter’s to make it easier to get on the roof. Then we strung some rope that we could tie into while walking around on the roof. We only got a few pieces of the new roofing on before the end of the day, but we’re going to continue working on it over the next several days and weeks.


8/15, Wednesday

This morning we moved and started the irrigation lines and then went to work on the roof. We worked on the roof until it got too hot and took a break to let the sun go down some before going back out to the field to do some weeding. Tomorrow we’ll be back on the roof in the morning while it’s cool.


8/16, Thursday

This morning we started on the roof while others harvested lettuce for a co-op order. In the afternoon we decided to harvest squash and cucumbers and then call it a day. We hit record hi temperatures in the upper 90s which makes it hard to harvest most of the crops and definitely too hot to work on the roof. With this heat we’re going to be starting an hour earlier in the morning.


8/17, Friday

We got started early today to harvest everything for tomorrow’s market before the sun came out. It was a perfect northwest maritime morning with low fog and clouds rolling through the valley blocking the sun and keeping us cool, a refreshing start to the day after yesterday’s intense sunshine. Once the sun came out in the afternoon everyone washed lettuce while Marro and I moved irrigation lines and collected some garlic from the barn.


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