Week #22 From the Farm

7/30, Monday

Today was the third to last week for planting lettuce. It’s gone by really fast, but the next three months is basically harvesting and cultivating. So after seeding the lettuce we transplanted some lettuce, harvested squash and zucchini and took care of some weeds around the cucumbers. After lunch we harvested for the rest of the day.

7/31, Tuesday

Last day of July and we got our first, mediocre, potato harvest in. Tomorrow is the Columbia City Farmers Market, so today was a big harvesting day and I’m finally going back to the Wednesday market after almost two months. I helped with harvesting most of the vegetables while others rinsed and boxed it all up. Lettuce was the last thing harvested and washed.

8/1, Wednesday

Today we finished harvesting for today’s market. All we had left was chard, dill, collards, kale and basil. After cleaning those last things I went to water some of plants in the greenhouse and the corn, hops and melons that are growing in my plots. By then it was after 10 so I went to change clothes and then help load up the van.

The market was good and we finally got a picture of me at the market. It was really busy and we sold a lot of good stuff. It’s busier than the last time I went mostly because we have a lot more produce to sell. We have just about everything that we grow and that goes to the markets, with the exception of some types of beans and corn.

8/2, Thursday

This morning we unloaded the van from yesterday’s market and then harvested the rest of the chickens. After the chickens we picked cucumbers and squash. Then, in the afternoon we took care of some weeding and came in to butcher the chickens. They usually like to let the chickens chill over night so they are easier to separate into pieces, but we aren’t going to have time to do it tomorrow. So we let them chill all day and did the butchering in the evening.

8/3, Friday

Friday is the biggest harvest day because Saturday is the biggest market day. Other than harvesting we started preparing for a hot day tomorrow. It’s supposed to get into the 90s which isn’t really hot compared to most of the country right now but inside a greenhouse 90 outside means well over 100 inside. So we put shade cloths (picture) over most of the greenhouses and hoop houses depending on what is growing in them. I’m on weekend water and house monitoring so I’ll be out tomorrow making sure fans are working and keeping things watered.


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