Entry #20 From the Farm

7/16, Monday

I’m on animal duty this week, chickens and ducks. We should be harvesting the meat birds soon (just for our use, not for selling at the market) and the layers are growing right up. No eggs yet from them.

Just a few more weeks of seeding for lettuce starts, but today we took care of all 32 trays like usual. This week’s lettuce of the week (which I realized only now that I should have been writing this the whole time and taking pictures as they grew up) is called Falstaff. It’s a green leaf lettuce with a splash of red speckles all over. And the specialty lettuce for the co-op is called Jester Verde. Jester Verde is a solid green leaf lettuce that grows up to look like a jester’s hat. In the afternoon we transplanted the hardened off lettuce and then hand weeded around carrots, corn and pole beans.

7/17, Tuesday

Today was a harvesting and weeding day. We harvested lettuce for a co-op delivery and for the Wednesday market. That comes out to some where around 500 heads of lettuce. Then the usual, radishes, spinach, dill, shallots, squash and probably a few more things I’m forgetting. One day I’ll make a list of everything so you can see, and for the record.

7/18, Wednesday

Did we harvest garlic today or what? There were somewhere around 1200 stalks, with two more rows of about the same to go. The process is to harvest the garlic, peel a few layers so it’s able to dry, then we group the stalks into bunches of ten, tie them two to a string and hang them in the barn to dry (picture). The only break from garlic was to load up the van for the Wednesday market.

7/19, Thursday

This morning half of us harvested the rest of the garlic and the other half, that I was included in, harvested for today’s co-op delivery, 13 boxes of lettuce and two boxes of basil split between the east side and west side stores. After lunch I made the delivery and got back around 5pm as things were winding down on the farm. I didn’t get a picture today, but when I was there on Sunday I got my picture taken next to a sign out front that featured Let Us Farm as one of the local produce suppliers.

7/20, Friday

Today was one big harvest. In one of the hoop houses two of us harvested golden frills (a green mustard), bekana (a tasty Chinese cabbage), tatsoi, and prize choy. Then we went out to the field and got 31 bunches of cilantro (aka coriander) and 18 bunches of dill. After that I helped wash the things I got and what everyone else got. In the afternoon we did the lettuce harvest and boxed up over 500 heads of lettuce.


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