Entry #19 From the Farm

7/9, Monday

We cleaned-up from the parade on Saturday this morning and took care of the weeks lettuce starts. We only have about another month of Monday lettuce seeding. In the afternoon I cultivated around the last round of potatoes we planted and cleaned out one of the hoop houses. The coriander we had planted in this house was one of the first plantings and we used up its vegetation and it was starting to go to seed. Once this happens all of the plants nutrients go to making seeds instead of the leaves or fruits that we harvest. So we take it out and replant unless we want to save a particular plant’s seeds, which has only happened with one lettuce variety.


7/10, Tuesday

Our first activity today was harvesting and cleaning lettuce for a co-op delivery this afternoon. I went today and will go for the rest of this week’s deliveries. Then we went out to harvest spring leeks and leek scapes and a few other things for tomorrow’s market. After lunch we harvested the market lettuce and I left for the co-op just before we were able to finish the lettuce.


7/11, Wednesday

This morning I helped harvest basil and kale while others were gathering the remaining produce for the market today. All of the interns stayed on the farm today and Steve and Cecelia went to the market. Just before lunch we put a net around another cherry tree. Here’s a picture of some of the cherries. Did you see what I did with some of the other cherries? Most of the rest of my day was spent around the compost pile using the tractor again to turn the compost and kill weeds growing out of the top of the pile.


7/12, Thursday

Today we harvested for the co-op, thirteen boxes of lettuce and one box of basil. We did some light weeding and cleaning up before lunch and then I made the co-op delivery, which ended up taking the rest of the day. It was a good change of pace and a great chance to add something else to my ever expanding resume.


7/13, Friday

Today we finished harvesting for Saturday. We started out getting leeks, leek scapes, radishes, cilantro, dill and fennel. Then we moved into the hoop houses and got basil, chard, mizuna, tatsoi, a few mustard’s and arugula.

Just a side note. I’ve been growing melons and peppers on my own and I’m having good success with the melon plants that are in the greenhouse, three melons are getting bigger as you read. I also have one pepper so far. There are three plants mixed in with the basil and four plants around my outdoor covered melons, which are still growing but not making any melons yet.

Hopefully more pictures in the weeks to come.


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