Entry # 18 from the Farm: Happy 4th of July!

7/2, Monday

Lettuce, transplanting, cultivating. Then we got stuff together for our appearance in the Oakville 4th of July parade. The theme is let freedom ring, so we’re getting a lot of bells and pipes and things to bang on to make ring. There’s also a plan to take our freedom ranger chickens.

7/3, Tuesday

Today we pruned tomato plants and took out the weeds around each plant. Then we harvested lettuce for the co-op and for the market tomorrow. The rest of the day we got things together for the parade.

7/4, Wednesday

We finished harvesting for today’s market. Then did some mowing between hoop houses and weeding in the field. After they left for the market we started on cultivating in the field and only worked until noon. We got the rest of the day off for the 4th of July!

7/5, Thursday

This morning I started building another set of beanpoles for beans we planted a few weeks ago. Then I took a break from that to help wash lettuce for a co-op delivery this afternoon. We spent the rest day in the field cultivating and finishing the beanpoles. At the end of the day I used Steve’s first tractor, called Agatha, to cultivate some potatoes (picture). I’m going to drive Agatha in the Oakville Independence Day parade this weekend. She’s going to have some bells and get some paint touch ups.

7/6, Friday

We harvested for the Saturday market this morning. There were enough hands for washing lettuce, so while everyone was doing that I started putting up a net over the cherry trees (picture). The net will keep birds from snatching the cherries before we get them. After lunch we finished the lettuce and then finished prepping for the parade tomorrow. I re-painted the name of the tractor and the Ford emblem and attached some bells. (Picture)


7/7, Saturday

Parade Pictures.

We got an award for best theme!


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