Catch-Up Entry 15 & 16: Two Weeks Ago…

So I took a trip to Dallas last weekend and didn’t have a chance to post anything. Now I’ll put up what I wrote last week and the week before. Over the next week or so I’m going to try out some new formats to make things a little more interesting for viewing and reading. Hope you continue to enjoy. Thanks for keeping up.

Week 1

6/11, Monday

It was warm and sunny today so we got the work in the greenhouse done early. We finished that work before 10am and went out to the field to transplant this week’s lettuce. All but ten trays were left before we broke for lunch. After lunch we finished the transplanting and spent the rest of the day weeding around onions.

6/12, Tuesday

Today we did more weeding. I ran a tiller up and down rows that are wide enough to have room for the tiller. After lunch we harvested lettuce for the Wednesday market. This was the first harvest of lettuce from the fields. Until now, all of the lettuce has come out the hoop houses. We did more weeding in the field after the harvest and started putting up posts for the bean trellis (picture).

6/13, Wednesday

After a little harvest this morning we started weeding and didn’t stop. That’s it. Weeding, weeding, weeding. Here’s a picture of just about everything we hoed/weeded. I’m not sure I ever want to touch a hoe again 🙂

6/14, Thursday

This morning we started like every Thursday and unloaded the van from yesterday’s market. I guess it was kind of chilly and windy in Seattle and they didn’t sell as much as usual. But that just means more for us, and some will still be good for the Saturday market.

After the van was unloaded two of us went to the field to transplant pumpkins, which is very similar to how we transplanted the squash. Then I planted four pepper plants (possibly habañero) with the three melons I started in this house. I don’t know how the peppers will do. They have never had success getting peppers to grow here, but we’ll see. After that there was still more hoeing in the field and then some direct seeding. We planted corn, shallots, peas and beans. Apparently it’s a little late in the season to sow peas and beans, but if the weather continues to be cool and mostly wet, they should do fine. At the end of the day we finished putting in eight polls that will eventually make-up the trellis for the beans.

6/15, Friday

Today was a short day because I left for Texas in the evening. I left just before lunch, but in the morning we finally finished the weeding that we started at the beginning of the week. Then I transplanted some multicolored sweet corn that will grow alongside my melons. The first two melons I planted outside don’t look like they’re going to make it. I tried putting hot caps on like we did with the squash, but I think it was already too late. The nights are just too cold and the soil was probably not warm enough either. I’m going to give them a few days to see if they’ll recover.

Week 2

6/18, Monday

Today we got lettuce started in the greenhouse and unloaded another truck full of soil block mix. After getting the new lettuce started we went out to transplant older lettuce.

After lunch we finished the transplanting and then started on finishing the beanpoles (picture).

6/19, Tuesday

We harvested for Wednesday’s market and then worked on the first pruning of the tomatoes. There are many different production methods and ways to care for tomato plants and each variety. Pruning does a number of things to maximize the plants production including, allowing more light to reach leaves, giving more space for each plant and concentrating nutrients and energy on fewer hardier fruit producing limbs. We’ll be pruning the tomato plants every couple of weeks until the end of the season.

After pruning we weeded and cleaned-up in the tomato house and then harvested leeks. After we finished cleaning the leeks we went our separate ways to work on our projects. I transplanted two golden hops plants (picture) that they had growing in the greenhouse and got all of my melons, peppers and corn watered.

6/20, Wednesday

Today I did a few different things on my own. After packing up the van for the market I washed some of our farm equipment. After cleaning them I started thinning out a habitat strip next to the barn (picture), which took the rest of the day.

6/21, Thursday

Honestly I didn’t get a chance to write what happened today after work and I can’t remember the first half of the day, but I know I spent the whole afternoon washing the van that we drive to market. They said it looks cleaner than when they bought it.

6/22, Friday

Harvesting and mowing today. I’m going to the Seattle market (we’re that last tent on the right in the middle row) tomorrow again. And here’s one from the drive into Seattle.


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