Entry #14 From the Farm

6/4, Monday

Seeding and taking care of greenhouse stuff today. Cool and rainy weather is in the long range forecast, so we’re getting a lot done indoors.

After seeding and lunch we planted some more pumpkins and worked on a project insulating the workshop. The building is just a basic large three wall structure. The ceiling is only beams and metal roofing. The space is used as a shop for storing tools and working on indoor projects. During certain parts of the year condensation accumulates on the ceiling and drips down on the equipment and areas where work is being done. The project is to tack insulation to the ceiling keeping out the moisture (picture).


6/5, Tuesday

This morning we transplanted the lettuce for the week. After planting lettuce we harvested and washed lettuce. I’m looking after the hoop houses and the greenhouse this week, so I watered plants and started irrigation in some of the hoop houses. After lunch we harvested arugula and mizuna for the market tomorrow. Then we continued work on insulation in the workshop. We finished one half of the ceiling. I’m not sure when we’ll get to the rest. The insulation took the rest of the day and after we finished the farm work, I set-up a small house (picture) that will hold the last three melons that I’m growing.


6/6, Wednesday

We finished harvesting this morning and then tilled and planted new radishes and arugula in the hoop houses. After planting there we went to the field and planted three new rows of dill, coriander and radishes. Following lunch we spent the next two hours hoeing in the field around all of the brassicas and potatoes. Once we finished that we headed down to plant more potatoes and made our way all the way to the edge of the field. There are only a few beds left before the whole field will be full.


6/7, Thursday

This morning was spent cleaning a lot of things and staying out of the rain. We cleared out all of the weeds under the benches in the greenhouse and straightened up in general. After that the rain let up for a short time and I planted two melons outside (picture). I have the plastic cut and I’m almost ready to get the last three planted in the ground this weekend. We finished the day by continuing to put up insulation in the workshop and we’re now about two thirds finished.


6/8, Friday

We finished harvesting this morning for tomorrow’s market. I’m going for the first time with Cecelia to the Saturday market and preparing for a busy day. The downtown market is so busy we take double everything that we take to the Wednesday market.

In the afternoon we kept working around the rain, weeding in all the hoop houses. And before the day ended we finished putting up the insulation in the workshop. In spite of the weather it seems like we got a lot accomplished this week.


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