Entry #13 From the Farm

5/28, Monday

We got all of this week’s lettuce started and transplanted most of the lettuce that’s going in the field for the week. We’re juggling with the weather and taking advantage of the dry moments. Lot’s of weeding and greenhouse work happens when it starts raining. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have more to report. That’s the way it goes sometimes when your work is dependent on the weather.

5/29, Tuesday

This morning there was a lot of transplanting. We finished the lettuce for the week and now all of the squash is planted out in the field too. After lunch we harvested and cleaned lettuce for tomorrows market. When we finished that we spent the rest of the day getting the tomato house ready to transplant the rest of the tomatoes. We weeded the other half of the house (picture) and tomorrow we’ll till the ground and finish in there, hopefully before the end of the week.

5/30, Wednesday

This morning we harvested the rest of the market crops. We finished early, so before loading them up to leave we all did separate tasks. I started weeding in a small plot of peas that could only be done by hand because they’re so small and close together. But it ate up some time. After we sent them on their way, I helped Steve work on some new steps they’re building for their house. It’s part of a concrete walkway from the garage to the front of the house. We spent most of the rest of the day helping with that and then finished by continuing the work in the tomato house.

5/31, Thursday

Today we finished putting in all of the tomatoes in the tomato house and finished hand weeding around snow peas, beets and carrots in a secondary field that was planted a couple of months ago. After lunch Doug, from WSU stopped by with an implement used on land that has been crimped and or flail mowed in preparation for seeding. The experiment is almost ready to be planted in and then it’s just a matter of seeing how everything grows.

The rest of the afternoon was left to us to do projects and things we needed to get done. I started working on a small project where I’m going to plant melons, sunflowers and morning glories. Maybe some other things too, but melons are supposed to grow well with sunflowers and morning glories. I have eight melons growing in the greenhouse. I’m planning on putting two in the small space I just talked about. I don’t think they will be as fruitful outside because it gets too cold at night. Another three are going in bigger pots and staying in the greenhouse. They should do well in the greenhouse where it’s consistently warm, humid and wet. The last three will go outside in the ground within a small structure covered with plastic (like a mini greenhouse). Generally melon plants don’t produce very good fruit in the northwest (not enough sun and heat), so the idea is to see how well they do in each environment and hopefully make something good grow.

6/1, Friday

Today we harvested and got ready for the market on Saturday. In the afternoon we left to help on another farm near Tacoma called Terry’s Berries. Terry’s husband is in the hospital right now and he usually does a lot of the work on the farm. So we went to help out and get her caught up on some things while he is away. We planted five rows of strawberries and weeded around several beds of cabbage and kale. After we finished working we took a tour of the property.


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