Entry #9 From the Farm: First Harvest and Market

4/30, Monday

We got all the lettuce seeded today and spent the rest of the afternoon visiting another great farmer in Onalaska, WA. She specializes in culinary and medicinal herbs. But she grows lots of different things just like us. She has five acres and grows her crops on only 1.3 of the acres. It was really cool to see a different way of profitable production on such a small piece of land.

5/1, Tuesday

Our first harvest today! We decided to go to our first market in Columbia city, Seattle so we harvested 25 bundles of beets (5-7/bunch of the sweetest beets I’ve ever eaten), 35 pounds of leeks and a lot of lettuce. They’re also taking several half pound and one-pound bags of shallots and a number of tomato plants. We’ll be going to the Seattle markets every Wednesday at Columbia city and every Saturday in the University district.

When we weren’t harvesting today we were learning about all of the things that need to happen to set-up and make the market successful. We washed and tested the tent and tables and cleaned and organized the vegetable washing area. Then we cleaned and bagged shallots.

5/2, Wednesday

Today was the first market day in Columbia City. We got everything packed-up this morning and Steve and Cecelia left at 11:30am. The Wednesday market starts at 3pm and doesn’t end until 7pm. After the first few Wednesdays, Steve will only go to the Saturday market and we will take turns going with Cecelia to the Wednesday market.

They left us with a list of things to do so we stayed busy here on the farm weeding in the lettuce house, hoeing the edges of two hoop houses and weed whacking around trees in the orchard.

5/3, Thursday

We worked on tomatoes all day today. Some of the tomatoes are being sold in pots at the market and some will be planted so we can harvest the tomatoes. Each variety of tomato is now arranged in the greenhouse in alphabetical order, staked so they don’t fall over and in bigger pots if they needed it. We also moved several plants to the “tomato house” where they will be transplanted. This will make it easier to locate plants when we load the van on market days and it has made space on the bench for more plants.

5/4, Friday

Today was a big harvesting day for tomorrow’s first University District market. We harvested leeks, beets, kale and collard raab, lettuce, wild nettles, herbs, rhubarb and we bagged-up shallots and boxed-up potatoes from last season. Everything that comes out of the field gets trimmed and washed before it goes into boxes and crates. We packed-up the van in the evening and they’ll leave tomorrow at 5am.


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