Entry #8 From the Farm

4/23, Monday

  • Seeding

A fourth intern, Charissa got here on Sunday. We’re one week away from our first Seattle market and hoping to get enough sun for the lettuce to grow in time. It was a foggy morning and we finished the usual Monday seeding. The standard weekly lettuce starts take 32 flats at 78 blocks per flat (Picture). Then there are usually ten or so flats of different vegetables.

  • Hoeing

We started hoeing around an onion and leek crop that was planted in the field last fall. Once we finish hoeing and weeding around all the plants someone will come back through the rows and till the aisles. (Picture)

  • Transplanting

Steve decided the ground was dry enough to transplant, so we stopped hoeing early and got caught up on transplanting (Picture). We were over a week behind because of the rain so it was nice to catch up and get out in the fields.


4/24, Tuesday

  • Transplanting

We transplanted more lettuce and Brassicas today. Once all the starts were transplanted we put potatoes in the ground (Picture) and moved on to taking care of the garlic, onions and leeks.

  • Hoeing

We continued hoeing and finished all but the last row. Our bee class is tonight and we decided to eat at the restaurant where the class is held so we left early, otherwise we would have finished.


4/25, Wednesday

  • Hoeing/Tilling

We finished hoeing around the garlic, onions and leeks this morning. Trevor and I tilled the aisles and got the weeds mixed into the dirt.

  • Greenhouse Work

Our last activity was onsieing. I helped finish some basil that we purposely over seeded after slugs ate the first round. Then I trimmed the onions and leeks. Every week the onions and leeks have to be trimmed as they grow so their stems get strong and they don’t overtake one another.


4/26, Thursday

  • Hoop House

Today was a straightforward day without a lot of variety. We worked on the last 30 feet of the last hoop house that needed to be repaired as a result of the winter storms. We have three more supports to put in place, wood and channel on the sides, plastic to cover it and the irrigation left before we finish. Depending on the weather we should be done either tomorrow or early next week.

At the end of the day seven new chickens came and we got their cage put together (Picture). More will come tomorrow.


4/27, Friday

  • Hoop Houses

We finished the hoop house! It took the whole day but the only thing we didn’t get to was extending the irrigation lines (Picture). It’s a lot easier with five people instead of only two or three.

  • Seeding

We also got ground tilled under another hoop house and direct seeded spinach and radishes.

Also, the other 25 chickens arrived today and they are settling in with the seven others from yesterday.


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